• All presentations must be prepared in English.
  • Invited Talks: 25 min talk and 5 min discussion, Oral Talks: 15 min talk and 5 min discussion
  • Please be in the conference hall at least 20 minutes before the start of the session.
  • All oral presentations should be prepared as a Microsoft PowerPoint file or Adobe pdf file.
  • A laptop computer with Windows10 + PowerPoint + Acrobat reader, named “conference laptop” will be ready for your oral talk. Alternatively, you may use your own laptop computer. In this case please prepare a VGA output connector or adapter.
  • Please bring with you a copy of your presentation file on a USB flash drive and upload the file to the conference laptop before your session (during coffee break or lunch break prior to your session). It is recommended to check your presentation on the conference laptop or connection of your laptop to the projector before your session. Note that there are no simultaneous translation facilities.
  • Projector format: The standard format of the projectors in the conference rooms will be 16:10.


  • All presentations must be prepared in English.
  • No short presentation about your poster
  • Board size: 90 cm width and 120 cm height
  • Pins for fixing posters to the boards will be available.
  • You can present your poster from lunch time on 11th July.
  • Please remove your poster by lunch time on 13th July.


Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Radiation Safety and Detection Technology (ISORD-9) will be published in the journal of “Progress in Nuclear Science and Technology (PNST)” (ISSN:2185-4823) after peer review process. The PNST is a special issue of the “Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology” published by the Atomic Energy Society of Japan. This volume will be available only on-line. You can see previous issues on the AESJ web page.
Submitting a manuscript for the presentation in ISORD-9 is strongly recommended. Authors should prepare the manuscript in a camera-ready form by following the template. The length of the manuscript should be up to 6 pages for plenary and invited talks and 4 pages for other presentations. Color figures can be included in the manuscript. Authors should submit their manuscript as a Microsoft Word file (or a PDF file) and a application form via e-mail to proc.isord-9″at”nucl.nagoya-u.ac.jp by 14th July, 2017.
  • Manuscript submission deadline: 28th July, 2017
  • e-mail for manuscript submission: proc.isord-9″at”nucl.nagoya-u.ac.jp
  • Length: 6 pages for plenary and invited talks, 4 page for other presentations
  • Format: Microsoft Word file (desired) or PDF file (if not possible as Word file) in camera-ready form by following the template
  • Template of manuscript: PNST_Template
  • Apprication form: Application_Form_Template



ISORD-9 Poster